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Life isn’t always predictable. Some days the demands you make on your body can be huge, especially if you’re very active. And the last thing you want to think about when you’re having a busy day is the reliability of your sanitary protection. Which is why Libresse has designed Triple Protection. Whether you’re waiting tables, hurling yourself round a Zumba class or dangling from a trapeze, these towels are made to stay in place – triple protection against leaks, no drama.


Barriers along the edges


Core that absorbs quickly


Strength & leakage protection

Behind the scenes

Triple protection in action

Stays in place

Triple Protection towels have a snug-fitting front and back that moulds to your curves. Which means they remain secure however much you move around. And their anti-leak walls, fast-absorbing core and all-round barrier combine to give you triple protection, making them the go-to sanitary pads for everything from high-impact sports to everyday activities. With that combination of strength, snug fit and leak protection, you can live fearless.

All this and they’re ultra-thin, too. So not only will no one else know you’re wearing a towel, you’ll hardly notice either.

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